The Short Fuses are loud, soulful rock'n'roll from the wrong side of the tracks. Blondie, MC5 and Motorhead in a blender.  


Vocals, Bass / Miss Georgia Peach
Lead Guitar / Travis Ramin
Rhythm Guitar / Justin Staggs





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  • APRIL 23RD 2019 - The Dawn of the Deaf LP is now streaming on most major platforms with more to come! Announcements on vinyl release / pre-order coming soon!





     The Short Fuses were formed in 1997 by core members, Travis Ramin, Justin Staggs and Miss Georgia Peach. They immediately began writing, touring and rocking the stage with the likes of The Hookers, DGeneration, The Humpers, Nashville Pussy, Cosmic Psychos and many more. 

    After dropping singles on Space Race Records and 007 Records (The Hellacopters, Jakkpot), the Short Fuses released their first full length, "#1" (1999), on Ramin's own Jet Star Records. Friend and Flipside Magazine writer, Martin McMartin, asked what label we'd love to be on and Sympathy For the Record Industry was our pick, hands down. Soon after, The Short Fuses played LA's legendary Bar Deluxe, bolstered by an amazing write-up in LA Weekly by Falling James. A bevy of LA punk hierarchy was in attendance, including Pat Todd of the Lazy Cowgirls and Lux and Ivy of The Cramps. When the buzz reached Long Gone John at Sympathy, he was eager to release our scorching hot sophomore album, "Get The Hell Down" (2000). 

     The album was a frothing cocktail of 20th Century rock-n-roll, sounding like Blondie, Black Sabbath and MC5 in a blender on high speed. Over the next few years, the band played extensively with tour dates all over the map. In 2003, Spanish Punk legend, Kike Turmix, made the bid to release the band's third album on his label, Safety Pin Records. "Duchess Hustle" further evolved the Short Fuses' unique, soulful sound and featured guest bassist, Randy Weiss of The Hypstrz. A European tour followed with sold out shows and amazing fans, screaming the lyrics to each and every song on the set list. 

     After a nonstop eight-year run of rock-n-roll, Georgia Peach and Travis Ramin went on to play with Nikki Corvette & The Stingrays and The Fevers, respectively. They formed Ramo Records in 2007 and cut records with Tina & the Total Babes, Scott Morgan of Sonic's Rendezvous Band, as well as members of Nine Pound Hammer and Nashville Pussy. Justin Staggs jumped into a filmmaking career and has directed music videos for artists such as the Foo Fighters, Against Me!NOFX and The Bouncing Souls

     After a long hiatus and explosive new songs reaching critical mass, the three decided it was high time to make a new album. In October of 2017, the Short Fuses entrenched themselves in the studio with producer, Daniel Rey (Ramones, Nashville Pussy, Misfits) to create an arsenal of their most rocking songs to date -- just waiting to be unleashed on the world in 2018.

     The Short Fuses are ready for rock action. Are you?


Get the Hell Down

by The Short Fuses

Duchess Hustle

by The Short Fuses


by The Short Fuses



  • Wednesday, March 27, 2019 - PALMERS’S BAR - 9PM w/ BBQT (from Austin TX)

  • Tuesday, April 9th, 2019 - THE PINK & FURIOSA - first singles from DAWN OF THE DEAF release

  • Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019 - DAWN OF THE DEAF - new album release!!!

  • Sunday, May 26th, 2019 - MEMORY LANES BLOCK PARTY - 3PM w/ Nashville Pussy, The Turbo AC’s, Guitar Wolf, The 5, 6,7,8’s, and more!

  • Saturday, June 1st - DRIFTWOOD CHAR BAR - 9PM w/ The Silent Treatment & The Red Flags

  • Saturday, June 15th - STONE ARCH BRIDGE FESTIVAL - 5:30pm

  • Friday, July 26th - THE LYRIC ROOM [GREEN BAY, WI] - 7pm w/ Fret Rattles